An elegant May surprise


I stepped outside on May 1st and couldn't see any of the horses. As I walked down the fence line, I noticed that the geldings were hanging out in the barn. I didn't think much about it as I scanned the pasture for the mares. Nearing the end of our property I could see that they were standing in the far back corner. Lucy was close to the fence and after a minute or two, I realized that her leg was caught and I could also see a still brown and white form at her feet. I felt a lump form in my throat as I realized that the neighbor's dog must have been chasing her. I assumed she had kicked out at him and connected. I ran back to the garage and grabbed the wire cutters and a shovel; my heart racing. My first task would be to get Lucy's foot loose. I didn't allow myself to think about the poor dog. Home alone, I could only hope that my new mare would remain calm. I called Ronnie and asked him to check on me in a few minutes. I reached Lucy and marveled at how the other mares were standing quietly around her, especially since she had only been a part of the herd for a few short weeks. I worked quickly and calmly to free her leg, cutting wires and pushing back the fence. I patted her shoulder and felt relief that there wasn't a spot on her and was grateful, but surprised, that the other mares kept the dogs back. I was thankful for their help. I reached for the shovel, dreading my next task. I had not allowed myself to look in that direction. Turning, I was greeted by one of the most incredible sights of my life. The lifeless form I expected to see was not that of a dog but instead the most elegant and beautiful filly I have ever laid eyes on. She was no longer laying in a heap, but standing on wobbly legs making her way to Lucy's side. What I would give to have seen the look on my own face!!! A vet checked Lucy as healthy, and slightly overweight, but not pregnant just weeks before. The now eagerly nursing foal proved that doctor wrong...and was quite a shock for me!The baby nuzzled at her mom who let out a calming whinny. Joyful tears began to stream as I watched Lucy and her little bundle of joy. Life is........ full of surprises! and mine just happens to be an "Elegant May Surprise!"

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