An Oncology Nurse Goes Above and Beyond With the Patients in Mind

By Dr. Sagar Lonial

Christine Herget, B.S.N., RN, OCN, is an incredibly compassionate and dedicated oncology nurse and leader who always has what is best for the patient first and foremost in her mind.

Over the past 18 months with the challenges of COVID-19 in oncology, she was confronted with a significant staffing shortage. As a nursing leader, she had two choices: scale down clinical volume or jump into staffing to help support her team and, even more importantly, support outstanding patient care. She chose the latter, more than doubling her commitment of time to her job but at the same time putting the needs of others above her own.

She recognized how important it is to provide access and innovative care to patients seeking specialty care at a National Cancer Institute-designated center.

In the midst of all these challenges, she maintained a very positive outlook, high energy and outstanding patient care. Chris, to me, is a role model not just for nursing in general but also for nursing leadership. She is the kind of clinician who takes extreme pride in the accomplishments of her team and appreciates how nursing can positively affect outcomes and access for patients with cancer.

She is a wonderful example of an individual going above and beyond. She does this not for herself or her team but ultimately for the patients she serves.

She is the definition of an Extraordinary Healer®, and I am proud to work with her as we care for patients with myeloma.

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