An Oncology Nurse Who Is 'the Epitome of Selflessness'

Lindsay Diamond, AGNP-C, AOCNP, is, in a word, selfless.

By Dr. Matthew Galsky

I have been practicing oncology for more than 15 years and have worked with countless talented and committed colleagues. However, Lindsay Diamond, AGNP-C, AOCNP, is, in a word, selfless.

I met Lindsay more than five years ago and was immediately struck by her level of knowledge and competence. However, it was not long before it became clear that she is not only among the brightest, most compassionate and thorough clinicians with whom I have worked but she also couples these attributes with a singular focus on what is best for her patients.

She is a masterful multitasker and communicator and shares the sense of urgency with her patients and their families in completing tests, communicating results and adjusting treatment strategies. Whether it is conveying results to a patient sitting anxiously in the waiting room or calling patients to ensure that they have received a new medication, she consistently goes the extra mile.

She is sought after by her peers for advice and teaching and as a resource as to “how to get things done.” Lindsay is caring, professional and resourceful — characteristicsthat will allow her to continue to excel in oncology. She is a passionate clinician who is incredibly well-liked by patients, and her positive attitude elevates everyone around her.

She is the daughter of a nurse,and it is clear that this profession runs deep in her blood. She is truly an extraordinary and gifted healer, and I recommended her in the highest terms for this award.

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