Ask Dr. Durie: Frontline Therapy Questions


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In this “Ask Dr. Durie” video, IMF Chairperson of the Board and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Brian G.M. Durie answers the question, “What are the frontline myeloma treatment options?” This video is an excellent resource for the newly diagnosed.

In this informative IMF video, viewers are presented with a comprehensive overview of frontline myeloma treatment options. Keeping abreast of these choices is essential for patients and caregivers seeking to make informed decisions and ensure the best possible outcomes in managing multiple myeloma.

The video delves into the latest advancements in frontline myeloma treatments, covering various therapies and approaches. By exploring the available options, patients and healthcare providers can collaboratively identify the most suitable treatment plan based on individual factors, disease stage, and other considerations.

Understanding the different frontline myeloma treatment options enables patients to actively participate in shared decision-making with their healthcare teams. The video emphasizes the importance of open communication, allowing patients to express their preferences, concerns, and goals, ensuring a personalized treatment approach.

Furthermore, the video discusses the potential benefits and side effects associated with various frontline therapies. By gaining insights into the potential risks and benefits, patients can make well-informed choices and be better prepared to manage any treatment-related challenges.

The IMF video also highlights the significance of ongoing research and clinical trials in the field of myeloma treatments. As new therapies and approaches continue to emerge, patients can explore novel options, participate in clinical trials, and contribute to advancements in myeloma care.

Patients and caregivers are encouraged to leverage the resources provided by the IMF and other reputable organizations. Staying informed about the latest developments, expert insights, and patient support resources empowers individuals to navigate their myeloma journey with confidence and optimism.

By understanding the available therapies, potential side effects, and ongoing research, individuals can make informed decisions in managing multiple myeloma effectively. Being proactive, engaged, and well-informed enhances the patient experience and fosters a collaborative approach to myeloma treatment. Stay informed and consult with healthcare professionals for personalized guidance on the best frontline myeloma treatment options for your unique needs.


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