Ask Dr. Durie: What is multiple myeloma?


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In this “Ask Dr. Durie” video, IMF Chairperson of the Board and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Brian G.M. Durie answers the question, “What is multiple myeloma?” Dr. Durie breaks down what multiple myeloma is and where it starts in the body.

Understanding the fundamentals of myeloma is vital for patients and caregivers, as it allows them to comprehend the intricacies of the disease and its implications on health and quality of life. Viewers gain insights into the diverse symptoms associated with multiple myeloma, ranging from bone pain and fatigue to anemia and kidney problems. Recognizing these signs enables early detection and timely intervention, facilitating better management of the disease.

The video also addresses the diagnostic process for multiple myeloma, highlighting the significance of various tests, imaging, and bone marrow biopsies in confirming the diagnosis and determining the disease's stage and severity.

Furthermore, the IMF video delves into the treatment options available for multiple myeloma patients, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, stem cell transplantation, and targeted therapies. Understanding these treatments empowers patients and caregivers to engage in shared decision-making with their healthcare teams, ensuring personalized and effective care.

Throughout the video, the importance of support for patients and caregivers navigating the myeloma journey is emphasized. The IMF provides a wealth of resources, including support groups, educational materials, and access to expert advice, to help individuals cope with the emotional and practical challenges posed by myeloma.

By learning about the symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, and available support, individuals can actively participate in managing the disease and improving their overall well-being. Stay informed, seek support, and work closely with healthcare professionals to navigate the myeloma journey effectively.


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