Awakening Your Soul Beyond Cancer: 18 Tips


Transformation is possible with core strategies. Learn about 18 tips from awakening beyond cancer to the soul.

“Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.”


When I was diagnosed with a brain tumor in March of 1998, darkness surrounded me and suddenly I couldn't see. In this new world, I had to acclimate to a new reality. Without a compass, I did my best to find my way through this foreign land with resources and decision-making.

After my awake brain surgery, the brain tumor type indicated a potential recurrence. I felt wounded and afraid of my mortality.

The pain brought me into prayer. Spirit and I were in communication.

Endless possibilities slowly began to emerge. Over time, I embraced my healing journey. I dove into finding how to transform and thrive. Time gave me space to learn more with a commitment to my healing process.

My conversations with spirit continued, including about confusions, fears, desires and how to live life. I started to recognize deeper connections with various levels of self and the world.

Life ebbs and flows. More tidal waves have massively knocked me to places I aspired to avoid. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor recurrence, used hundreds of integrative cancer therapies and self-care strategies, ultimately had a second awake brain surgery, and then a third awake surgery, radiation, chemotherapy as well as immunotherapy with a vaccine. My experiences with spirit further increased.

Through the darkness and into the light, I realized more about the “I” as well as the “we.”

I have become more integrated as a human being into the bigger picture. I was keenly aware of adversity. The challenges contain opportunities and actions to expand higher and brighter.

We move through life as unique human beings with billions of experiences. We are not alone. We are together, and more present in glorification through each individual's soul.

My journey with cancer has awakened me into new insights and soul's presence. Here are 18 ways to help embody your soul and advance your soul’s evolution.

1. Breathe deeply. Focus on the rhythms of your breath. Move into the flow of your breath and relax.

2. Eat healthy foods that help bring the body into balance.

3. Increase your awareness. Meditate. Engage in mindfulness. Be in the “here and now” to develop total immersion in the present moment.

4. Spend time in nature. Connect with the Earth, sky and surroundings. Connect with yourself.

5. Place your hands on your heart anytime and anywhere. Breathe and listen.

6. Listen more. Just listen.

7. Learn about your emotions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, actions and ego. Find ways to improve those aspects of yourself with self-awareness and self-knowledge, including responsibility and integrity.

8. Get out of your head and more into your body, feet and motion. Dance and use movement practices to help embody the soul.

9. Forgive. Release any negative pain through forgiveness to others and yourself.

10. Trust yourself, people, and life. Feel safe with yourself, other worthy people, and life.

11. Let go. Release. Be aware of your heart in the process. Explore when your heart is open or closed. Dive in, learn more about yourself and make choices to change into improvements.

12. Connect with your center. Your center resides within you to more fully connect with your power and presence.

13. Love yourself. Love other people. Know you are loved by others. Do what you love. Love life. Passions increase your optimal energetic frequencies.

14. Embrace your purpose and meaning in this lifetime. The process involves connecting with your identity, existing in your tribe and supporting your innate healing capacity.

15. Feel full integration of your true essence. Further cultivate an expansive connection and embodiment of spirit. Tune into the bigger picture and higher levels of consciousness.

16. Incorporate silence and stillness. Further relax and listen. Many gateways and portals are present to help support complete calm in nothing and everything.

17. Tune into other levels of presence visible and invisible. Support is available for you to become more awake and integrated.

18. Feel yourself in all ways with love and light. Joy is abundant. Reside with gratitude and bliss.

Life is a journey. Use these tips toward thriving. Transformation becomes more possible when informed people can provide help. Engaging with an integrative cancer coach can positively impact you and your cancer journey. Explore with me now.

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