Bald Barbie: 2013


Bald Barbie

Following an intense Facebook campaign encouraging Mattel to produce a Barbie specifically for young female patients suffering from hair loss, the toy company plans to unveil a bald Barbie, complete with scarves, wigs, hats and other accessories. The group of women behind the campaign, which now has more than 150,000 "likes," either had children suffering, or were themselves experiencing, baldness because of cancer treatments or other illnesses. The Barbie is designed to help young girls cope with the side effects of chemotherapy or alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease, both of which can cause hair to fall out. But don't expect to see these bold, bald beauties on store shelves. Mattel, working through the Children's Hospital Association, the Children's Cancer Foundation and the National Alopecia Areata Foundation, will be giving them directly to young patients suffering from hair loss. Kudos to the ladies behind the bald Barbie movement and to Mattel for responding to the needs of young cancer patients.If you could suggest any doll or toy (iconic or otherwise) to be treated in a similar manner, what would it be?

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