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Cancer Coach app

Another cancer-related smart phone application launched in late October – this one specifically for colon cancer and breast cancer patients. The free app was created by Genomic Health, which markets Oncotype DX, tests that provide genetic information to physicians to help determine treatment options for breast cancer and colorectal cancer patients. Two non-profit organizations, and Fight Colorectal Cancer, partnered with Genomic Health to provide information for the app.Newly diagnosed patients would need to download the app and choose to follow the breast cancer or colorectal cancer tool. It begins by informing the patient what information they will need to fully utilize the app, including their pathology report or simple information about their diagnosis (such as if their colorectal tumor tested positive for the KRAS mutation). Patients would then need to fill out a brief questionnaire to receive a summary of treatment options and information. The tool offers good information and offers to save the report, which includes questions to ask your doctor and an option to email the report to yourself to print off and take to your next oncology appointment. The other features of the tool include Questions to Ask – including suggested questions and an option to record your own. You can input your questions and answers by text or voice recorder, which I thought was incredibly helpful. I can see this being useful for caregivers who may want to know exactly what the doctor said during an appointment if they weren't able to make it or for keeping track of questions before meeting with your medical team and then recording the answers immediately. The Journal feature offers users a way to track appointments, take notes (by text or voice recorder) and even take and save photos. A glossary is also included, as well as a list of resources, including the web version of the tool. You can download the Cancer Coach app on iTunes or Android Market. And if you'd rather not take your coaching from a cell phone, the app is based on the online tools found at My Breast Cancer Coach and My Colon Cancer Coach.Do you use the Cancer Coach? What do you think of the app or online tool?

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