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Cancer-free Frontier Podcast


In the vast expanse of the Mountain West, which includes Utah, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Wyoming, a beacon of hope shines for those impacted by cancer. Huntsman Cancer Institute is the only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, providing care to the largest geographic region of any center. Their vision - Passionate individuals and teams, delivering a cancer-free frontier through scientific discovery and human touch. They deliver science and care throughout this region through several community clinics in the surrounding area and six affiliate hospitals scattered throughout the region, as well as plans to build a second headquarters in Utah County. Huntsman Cancer Institute shares the challenges and triumphs of delivering equitable access to state-of-the-art cancer prevention, screening, and treatment in their new podcast, A Cancer-free Frontier.

Distance is a major healthcare disparity for cancer patients in Utah and surrounding states. A study by Huntsman Cancer Institute researchers published in Cancer Medicine found that the five-year cancer survival rate for rural Utah residents was 5.2% lower than metropolitan residents. Timely care ultimately saves lives. "A Cancer-free Frontier" takes an in-depth look at how Huntsman Cancer Institute is addressing distance as a health disparity. The podcast's approach is conversational, humanizing the complex topic of cancer care. It highlights the stories of patients from across the region.

Hosted by Heather Simonsen, this podcast encourages listeners to imagine a future where cancer is curable or survivable. By speaking with the brightest minds in the field of science and medicine, the series brings hope and optimism to a cancer diagnosis.

Stay connected with Huntsman Cancer Institute and be the first to know about our upcoming episodes by following along at huntsmancancer.org/podcast. Feedback is always welcome, whether it's questions, comments, suggestions for future topics, or a personal story you'd like to share.

Host and executive producer: Heather Simonsen

Producer: Avery Shrader

Co-producer: Carley Lehauli

Coordinator: Jill Woods