Cancer Survivors and Caregivers Share What They Were Most Thankful for During Their Journey


CURE® recently asked its readers on social media to share who or what they were most thankful for having during their cancer experience. Here’s what they had to say.

Each week on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, CURE® asks its readers to share their thoughts with a #CureConnect discussion question.

Recently, in honor of Thanksgiving, we asked: “Who or what are you most thankful for having during your cancer journey?”

Here’s what some of our readers shared:

  • “I'm thankful... that I've survived my original diagnosis and my recurrence... that my mother and father were with me to celebrate my journey... that my husband has been by my side... that volunteer drivers gave me lifts... and that my treatment team helped me to fight.” – N.D.
  • “I am most thankful for my husband. His love and support (are) endless. He wants to do things for me, not out of obligation; it makes him happy. His mother was also fighting the battle and he has this amazing strength to manage both our treatments as he was primary caregiver for both of us. She passed on and I commend him for how he handled himself and pulled himself together to help me continue fighting my battle.” – M.M.
  • “I'm most thankful for my surgeon, Dr. Joseph Califano. My cancer is extremely rare and very aggressive. Some otolaryngologists go their entire career without seeing a case like mine. Some patients have to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to see a surgeon with experience. Mine was 20 minutes away and the absolute best doctor I've ever had. He was able to resect the entire tumor and has provided excellent care to me. I am so grateful to him.” – M.L.
  • “I'm most thankful for my dad, who recently passed. When everyone, family and friends, said they'd be there for me with love and support, I learned who really meant it. Actions really do speak louder than words. Where I thought I had a village, I had less than a handful of people. I went through feelings of demand abandonment. Thank God my dad never gave up on me or left my side. I'm thankful for the life-changing, eye-opening experience.” – M.S.Y.
  • “It was my daughter’s experience, and I am most thankful for her trust.” – D.L.
  • “My doctors, family and friends.” – B.H.
  • “My daughters and two greatest friends!” – R.S.
  • “My friends at Jacksonville Elementary. They even came along with me in one of my radiation treatments and then took me to lunch!” – J.K.
  • “My faith, a positive attitude and André Rieu’s music and DVDs” – A.V.
  • “My husband and family’s support and love.” – W.M.
  • “My husband Richard turned out to be my guardian angel. He did everything he could to keep me comfortable – the best guy!” – J.W.

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