Cancer Survivors Are Equipped to Handle Quarantine


COVID-19 has forced many people into a “new normal” that they aren’t familiar with and may not be equipped to handle. But cancer survivors are more prepared than most to handle the ramifications of the pandemic.

Prior to the nationwide social distancing effort, Cindy Lovelace finished her latest treatment for her second round of cancer after surviving cancer and was forced into her own social distancing to avoid infection. Soon, that became the new normal for thousands of Americans: one that patients with cancer and survivors alike were equipped to handle.

“In some weird ways I think patients with cancer, even though we’re more vulnerable to the current pandemic, we are also more used to dealing with the unknown and equipped from a sanitation standpoint to kind of deal with this,” Lovelace, the co-founder and executive director of the Healing NET Foundation, explained.

In an interview with CURE®, Lovelace explained how her own journey with cancer has prepared her to handle the pandemic, in addition to how the pandemic has impacted her journey.

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