Cancer survivors needed for online support study

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Last September, I blogged about a study that sought to improve the lives of cancer survivors by providing online support. And while that study has been closed, the Stanford Patient Education Research Center recently received additional funding to offer another workshop –- one targeted to people who have survived cancer more than once. Study manager Katy Plant, MPH, said the new program was initiated to address this patient population who could not qualify for the first study. Researchers are looking for survivors who have been originally diagnosed with cancer and have had a new or recurring cancer within the last five years. This six-week, Internet-based workshop called "Cancer: Thriving & Surviving" aims to help survivors with the unique issues that confront them post-treatment, such fatigue, emotional concerns, physical changes, and late effects of treatment. This program also offers survivors the opportunity to connect with other survivors online. Each workshop will bring together about 25 survivors and will be facilitated by two trained moderators with at least one moderator being a cancer survivor. Participants will also have access to an online learning center and discussion boards, and will be asked to log in at their convenience two or three times for a total of about two hours a week during the six-week workshop. The study will assess the effectiveness of this program. A similar study by Stanford showed that participants who developed confidence in managing their own health required fewer medical interventions and were overall healthier. Results from the first study will be released early next year. For more information and requirements for the current study, go to or email