CURESummer 2008
Volume 7
Issue 2

Patient website gets a makeover.

The American Society of Clinical Oncology, a professional organization of oncologists, has launched Cancer.Net, formerly People Living With Cancer, a comprehensive website providing reliable and up-to-date information for cancer patients.

With an easy-to-remember web address, Cancer.Net provides quick access to all the information and tools from PLWC, says editor-in-chief Diane Blum, who also serves as executive director of the nonprofit CancerCare.

In addition to a new name and website, Cancer.Net also offers new features, including the Advocacy and Policy section and quick links, such as “Newly Diagnosed: First Steps to Take” and “Survivorship: Next Steps to Take,” which guide patients and survivors through the site, highlighting sections, articles, and podcasts.

A 150-member editorial board develops and reviews all content, which includes updated sections on cancer types and cancer-related syndromes, as well as Spanish translations.