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Changing to a New Oncologist Is Never Easy, But it Can Be Life-Changing

Metastatic Breast Cancer Heroes™CURE® Metastatic Breast Cancer Heroes™ 2021 Essay Book
Volume 1

I feared that switching to a new oncologist after mine retired would be awkward but having Dr. Joshua D. Rosenberg treat my metastatic breast cancer has left me with the deepest gratitude.

Switching to a new oncologist is never easy. When my prior oncologist, whom I loved and trusted and had built a relationship with, told me he would be retiring, I was thrown into panic mode. His announcement came in a goodbye letter along with a list of his recommendations to replace him.

As I read through the list of potential new oncologists, I recognized a few names, some from past encounters and some I had only heard of. Not one name on the list stood out to me as someone I could entrust my care to. After I talked over my concerns with my retiring oncologist, he insisted I see one particular oncologist from his list.

Dr. Joshua D. Rosenberg. Photo by Julie Campbell.

Dr. Joshua D. Rosenberg. Photo by Julie Campbell.

I was reluctant. I was afraid. I was worried it would be awkward. This oncologist, who was so highly recommended by my retiring oncologist, had graduated from high school a few years after me, making us close in age. We had mutual friends as we had grown up in the same town. I had to make a decision. I chose to trust my retiring oncologist one last time.

He told me I would not find a smarter or more caring doctor, and I know now he was right. I should have known immediately, as he had never led me wrong before. It took a couple of visits for me to become more comfortable and to realize it was absolutely the right decision.

Over the last couple of years, my new oncologist has always made time for me, whether in person, via message or by virtual visit. I never feel rushed. He listens and is present. He has more compassion than anyone I know. At my appointments, we chat as if we are longtime friends.

As the years go by, my trust and confidence in him continue to grow. He cares for me from head to toe, inside and out, from side effects to the emotional aspects of living with metastatic breast cancer. He supports me in all ways and is on my team and in my corner.

It is with my deepest gratitude that I would like to nominate Dr. Joshua D. Rosenberg as my Metastatic Breast Cancer Hero, with a nod to now-retired Dr. Evan Slater. Without them, I know I would not be here to write this today.

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