Clinical Trial Finder


Clinical Trial Finder

Clinical trials may offer you additional treatment options in addition to standard treatment options already available and approved to treat your cancer. A common misconception is that clinical trials are only for people who have tried everything else and are out of options. In fact, a clinical trial may be the best option to treat your cancer at any stage of your cancer journey.

Not every clinical trial is available at every cancer center. Finding a clinical trial that may be an option for you can be difficult to navigate on your own. The Kidney Cancer Association is proud to offer our new Clinical Trial Finder that may provide options for you close to home or anywhere in the United States. If a clinical trial that fits your cancer isn’t available now, one may be available in the future, so check back often. The Clinical Trial Finder is intended for patients and caregivers for educational purposes only. Only your doctor can best advise if a clinical trial is appropriate for you. This tool uses information from and is updated monthly. KCA is not responsible for information provided to; complete trial information can be found on that website. Talk to your doctor about clinical trials, including any that you find using this tool.

Have questions about clinical trials? Learn more here or reach out to the Kidney Cancer Association’s Patient Liaison.

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