CURE New Issue Alert: Rare Cancers Special Issue


Here’s a look at what’s inside our 2019 Rare Cancers special issue.

Here’s a look at what’s inside our 2019 Rare Cancers special issue:

Her breast implants were deemed safe, but Terry Diaz will tell you they cost her 10 years of her life. Stories like hers have pushed breast implant illness and a rare cancer associated with implants into the spotlight. In our cover story, we share what women need to know about The Truth About Implants.

Next, the first center for Lynch Syndrome is now open. The inherited condition predisposes people to many different types of cancer. Learn more about the dedicated space within the pages of this issue.

And, patients with some of the rarest brain and spinal cancers can get Free Medical Advice at National Cancer Institute-designated Brain Cancer Clinics. CURE takes you inside the operation that has left lasting positive experiences for many patients.

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