Advertisement's most-read articles and blogs of 2009

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So, which stories caught your eye during the past year? Based on the top 10 most popular articles and blogs on, you sampled a little bit of everything--nutrition, treatment, finances, end of life, and late effects. We followed your clicks, and below are your faves in order of most viewed.

Top 10 Articles

1. The Vitamin D Difference

2. The Good Cancer?

3. The Internal Flame

4. Trying Something New

5. Targeting the Triple Threat

6. Battling Cancer Again

7. The Final Journey

8. Reining in Renal Cancer

9. Under the Sheets

10. Fatigue-Fighting Foods

Top 10 Blogs

1. PARP inhibitors create buzz at ASCO (June 8)

2. Tips for managing the financial cost of caregiving (June 24)

3. Finally, good news for triple-negative breast cancer patients! (June 9)

4. "So You Think You Can Dance" shows breast cancer struggle through art (July 24)

5. Study shows how to prevent rash from EGFR inhibitors (June 1)

6. Should you be concerned about the H1N1 virus (October 9)

7. Would you date a cancer survivor? (July 20)

8. Cancer survivors sought for online study (September 10)

9. Jonathan White is a fraud -- and other strange things (July 22)

10. Ductal carcinoma in situ: Is it cancer (September 29)