February 11, 2020

The vision of The DONNA Foundation is to transform the experience of living with breast cancer from one of fear and frustration, to one of love and support. This year has brought new fears to the forefront, but it has also created boundless opportunities to show love by stepping forward in support of our mission. As a community-based, patient advocacy organization we have both the opportunity and the obligation to leverage the trust we have with those we serve to bring voice to these fears so that our community can better provide the love and support needed to overcome them. How Do We Help Our Community Be More Fearless?

Friday, February 12

Session 1: Through Rose Colored Glasses – A Marathon From Fear To Lovewith DONNA Foundation Founder and three-time breast cancer survivorDonna Deegan.

Session 2: Knowledge Is Power – Understanding Clinical Trials In The Context Of Health Equity: Facilitated by WJCT News host Melissa Rosswith experts from Mayo Clinic and Genentech’s Chief Diversity Office. Expert panel to include:

Melissa S. Gonzales, Phd.D.; Inclusion Principal, External Partnering; Chief Diversity Office, Genentech

Pooja P. Advani, M.B.B.S., M.D.; Hematologist and Oncologist, Mayo Clinic

Carmen Reynolds; Survivor

Supporting resources:
Advancing Inclusive Research
Diversity & Inclusion

Session 3: How To Raise Your Voice – Advocating For Health Policy In A Digital World: Facilitated by physician and educator Carolyn McClanahanwith experts from the National Patient Advocate Foundation and The Beekeeper Group. Expert panel to include:

Rebecca Kirch, JD; Executive Vice President, Policy and Programs, NPAF

Nicole G. Braccio; Policy Director, NPAF

Mike Panetta; Partner, Beekeeper Group

Supporting resources:
NPAF How to Choose a Plan Campaign

Session 4 Fearless Mother Runners With Lindsey Hein: Facilitated by Lindsey Hein, host of the popular running podcast “I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein”with a panel of elite runners who are also Moms. Expert panel to include:

Steph Bruce, professional distance runner for HOKA NAZ Elite, Mom of 2.

Alysia Montano, Olympian and 7-time USA Champion, Mom.

Sara Vaughn, Team USA, Realtor, Mom of 4.

Session 5: What’s New In Breast Cancer Therapy: Facilitated by Donna Orender, Founder of Generation W with Dr. Edith Perez and experts from Mayo Clinic. Expert panel to include:

Edith A. Perez, M.D.; Co-founder The National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer; Chief Medical Officer, Bolt Biotherapeutics; Faculty, Mayo Clinic

Alvaro Moreno Aspitia, M.D.; Hematologist, Internist, Oncologist, Mayo Clinic

Vernice Grossglass, Survivor

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