Enchanted forest: An escape from cancer


It has been four weeks since my last chemo treatment. Four weeks have passed since the wreck. There has been time during these weeks for reflection, healing, and even anticipation.In this month my ribs have become less painful, we replaced the Suburban, weathered a tornado less than 20 miles away, steered clear of all hospitals, clinics, and chemo chairs, bought a new horse for Karlie, watched her practice with the Ghostriders, snapped pictures in the bluebonnets, had dinner with Ron, attended a wedding, and lost a dear friend. The gift of NOW has been present in every moment of the chaotic calm that this short treatment vacation has offered. Tiny miracles sandwiched themselves in between bigger miracles. They have painted the picture of a very full and incredible life.There have been lunches with Katie and weekends together when Karlie comes home. With Chloe, we have visited a wonderland of creativity. Through her eyes, everything is beautiful and exciting and new. The crispness of the morning fading into the warmth of the afternoon has invited picnics, yard work, and quiet walks. We hiked together through the woods one afternoon and as the shade met the sunshine a breathtaking cascade of butterflies surrounded us. Chloe stopped in astonishment, and as a yellow winged beauty landed on her arm, exclaimed, "We have our very own enchanted forest!" And so we do.....a wondrous escape from the world of cancer; a place to create dreams and capture hope in our own backyard.Where do you search for hope and embrace your dreams?

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