Fast Facts: Richard Roundtree

CURE, Summer 2007, Volume 6, Issue 4

Fast facts about Richard Roundtree and his battle with breast cancer.

name >>

Richard Roundtree


occupation >>

Film, TV actor, Peabody-Award winner (for his narration of the PBS documentary The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow)


diagnosis >>

Stage 1 breast cancer (1993)


age at diagnosis >>

51 (younger than the average age of 60 for men with the disease; also, there was no family history of breast cancer)


treatment >>

Modified radical mastectomy, six months of chemotherapy


current status >>



how cancer has affected his life >>

“I feel blessed to be a survivor. That’s why I talk about awareness. I want women and especially men to understand the importance of early detection and being in tune with your body. I want all cancer patients to have a good outcome.’’