Fight CRC’s EAO Work Featured in USA Today

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On November 24, 2020, USA Today included Mediaplanet’s Digestive Health insert, featuring an article authored by Andrea (Andi) Dwyer, advisor to Fight CRC’s Patient Education and Research Team. Through The USA Today, targeted distribution and vast online/social media outlets, this publication, both in print and online, reached an estimated 20 million readers.

Titled Colorectal Cancer Doesn’t Discriminate by Age, the article included Fight CRC’s recommendations from our early-age onset research blueprint. “In June 2020, more than 400 researchers, scientists, and patient or research advocates worldwide joined together virtually to develop pathways based on a 2019 published research blueprint designed to better study causation of early-age onset CRC. The types of questions and risk factors to be studied include diet in childhood; obesity at certain times in life; microbiome within the colon; antibiotic use in childhood; and gene and environment interactions.”

Fight CRC takes our role in the path to a cure seriously. We hope this feature will bring light to the critical-nature of EAO CRC and forge research in the right direction, saving lives along the way.