Financial Resources


Financial Resources

Your rights as a patient can impact your finances. Here are three frequently asked questions surrounding your finances:

Minimize Cancer Costs

Do you have questions about how to choose a health insurance plan, or how to deal with your medical bills? This guide provides an introduction to: health insurance terms you should understand, how to pick a health insurance plan that meets your needs; health insurance options that may be available to you; and ways to manage your medical bills and find financial help.

Video: Understanding how to minimize cancer costs

Your Rights at Work

If you have been diagnosed with cancer or if you are a caregiver for someone with cancer, you may need to figure out how to continue working, take time off, return to work, or even retire. Understanding employment laws may help you navigate these options and make decisions. This guide provides a brief overview of employee rights, as well as what benefits and policies may exist in your workplace.

Video: How to advocate for yourself at work during cancer treatment

For Healthcare Providers

Patient outcomes and quality of life can be significantly improved when patients are connected to members of the health care team who can discuss their health insurance coverage, preferences around managing work and cancer treatment, and access to financial assistance. This guide covers ways that members of the health care team can help patients navigate the cost of their care and health insurance denials of coverage.

Video: How healthcare providers can help patients navigate cancer treatment costs

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