Finding the EXTRA in an ordinary day


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It's an ordinary day. The fatigue from my RFA (radiofrequency ablation) last month has subsided. The effects of chemo last week have disappeared and there are no appointments, labs or scans on my calendar for the next two weeks. Life is about as "normal" as possible for someone living with metastatic cancer. As I watch the tree branches rock and sway with the swirl of a spring wind through the kitchen window. I dream of things to do and adventures to take. I dream of graduations, weddings, and the beginning of kindergarten...I dream of springtime walks and the splendor of a sunset...I dream of the ocean and hope in the sand...I dream of riding horseback across an open field...I dream of campfires and the magnificence of a moonlit night...I dream of raindrops and roses, sunshine and sailboats...I dream of Ronnie and walking hand in hand...I dream of friendship and laughter...I dream of magical memories of days gone by and of the mystery that tomorrow holds...And I know that held within these dreams are the simple things that add a little extra to make this ordinary day - truly EXTRAordinary.What will add the extra to your ordinary today?

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