From a birthday to regorafenib


What a day!I woke up in the wee hours of the morning and couldn't go back to sleep. It's a very special day that I never expected to see. Today is Katie's birthday. She is 25! With scans on the agenda, it was nice to begin the day with happiness. Much has happened in her young quarter of a century. She has experienced more time with cancer in her vocabulary than without. In some ways, it may have helped to provide her life with compassion, understanding, and determination beyond her years. Definitely, it has given us cause to celebrate! We had a birthday lunch and then left in different directions.I sat in the waiting room before my scan, thinking of years past and years to come. I was paying little attention to my surroundings when the words colorectal cancer buzzed from the overhead television. My senses came to life as the wonderful words that regorafenib had gained FDA approval for metastatic colorectal cancer sang through air. I could barely contain my enthusiasm and couldn't wait to get home and share the news! It is an oral, targeted treatment. The approval came almost a month earlier than many expected.Not just one, but two more weapons have now been added to our arsenal of artillery for metastatic colorectal cancer - Zaltrap and regorafenib! How thrilling to have more treatments to use while living with stage 4 cancer, more options from which to hitch-hike, and more hope on the horizon.Excitement and celebration fill the air today; from beginning to end.

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