From Our Archives: Skin Cancer

CURESummer 2011
Volume 10
Issue 2

You can read more skin cancer articles from CURE's archive:

Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer: Saving Your Skin (Summer 2006)

Geary Corves knows a thing or two about the sun and skin cancer. Now 80 years old, he's had more than 30 small skin cancer spots removed over the past 40 years. "I noticed something on my forehead," he recalls about the first time he saw a dermatologist... [read more]

Below the Surface (Spring 2008)

Retired teacher Norm Parker of California has spent much of his life in the sun. Although fair-skinned, he hadn’t been particularly careful about protecting himself from the sun in his younger years. So as an adult, he decided to be cautious. For 15 years, Parker visited a dermatologist every six months ... [read more]

Risk Factors: Close to Home (Spring 2008)

Most people are aware excessive sun exposure puts you at risk for developing melanoma. But overall risk is a combination of nature and nurture, quality and quantity... [read more]