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Colon cancer takes me to Washington, D.C. each year to spread awareness with Fight Colorectal Cancer about a disease that is "preventable, treatable and beatable." I've stepped outside of my comfort zone and shared a very private story so that future generations are able to talk about colorectal cancer in past tense. I make this trip so that my children and their children will one day live in a world without colorectal cancer.For seven years, I've climbed the steps of the Capitol armed with the knowledge that cancer research has allowed me to open these legislative doors. I have not taken for granted the opportunity to march down these grand hallways in quest of more funding for cancer research. I've shared my story time and again; thankful for the research that has brought me to these halls and given me the ability to spend precious and tender moments with my family and friends.Staying a step ahead of metastatic colon cancer isn't an easy task. The novelty of living with dying has long worn off. It's something now that is as much a part of my life as is taking another breath and in order for that to continue for me, and 1 million other Americans, more research is needed. Prevention is key. I should be on Capitol Hill this week, but the very disease that takes me there is now keeping me at home. Still, colon cancer won't weaken my voice.Join me and Fight Colorectal Cancer tomorrow (Wednesday, March 20) and CALL on Congress! Your call will coincide with visits by colorectal cancer survivors meeting face-to-face with members of Congress. Make the call! Advocacy is at your fingertips.Call on Congress: 866-615-3375Tell your member of Congress you support:

A bill in Congress that will cut out copays for screening colonoscopies when polyps are removed. Your call could make screening colonoscopy affordable for millions.Get behind a cure!

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