Happy Thanksgiving 2012


It's Thanksgiving 2012. The 14th Thanksgiving that we have celebrated in spite of cancer. What an incredible day!As I glance out the window the sun is glistening through the trees and leaves are gliding through the air. Ronnie is watching his turkey fry, and Joey is outside sitting with him. The girls are inside with me, hustling and bustling to get lunch ready; in and out of the kitchen. The chatter is light and then suddenly permeated by the sound of Chloe's laughter. Contentment fills my heart and I am overwhelmed with gratitude that we have this day to share together.The beauty and love surrounding me blossoms in contrast to those first few years of the heartbreak and fear that my diagnosis brought. Nothing quite compares to sharing the magic that has happened in between with those that I love. In the shadow of cancer time hurries on, as if on continual fast-forward play and in every moment there is a treasure to behold. Treasures that years ago may have been left undiscovered but now manifest on a daily basis.Years ago I remember praying for a miracle. Little did I know that I would witness many.Laughter in spite of sorrow, triumph over tragedy, and hope in the face of fear.Every day, everywhere... a million blessings!May you and your family have a happy, hopeful Thanksgiving, filled with a million blessings held in the gift of NOW!Love,Suzanne

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