Happy Valentine's Day


The day is winding down and I hope that all of you have had a wonderful day!It has been a quiet day here, but nice in so many ways. Chloe climbed up in bed with us during the middle of the night. She woke up saying "happy sweetheart day" and it was so much fun helping put her Valentine's day bags and cards together. She hasn't yet mastered how to spell her name but gave it a big attempt. All of them included little lopsided hearts she drew :)Before cancer I never doubted that I would be here for each every milestone my children accomplished. After my diagnosis, I fully realized that tomorrow is never promised. Being here today is a definite victory to celebrate. I have been so lucky to watch my older daughters transform into beautiful young ladies and so very happy to watch Chloe as she grows from curious toddle into confident pre-schooler.At times I think my family has been unfazed by this dreadful disease, knowing that we have dealt with cancer as normally and positively as possible. At other times, the gravity shows and I realize how much depth and breadth colon cancer has had in shaping their lives. They are more sympathetic, empathetic, and mature than many others that are their age. No holidays, even self made, are taken for granted.Today is magical ... a picture of hope in rose petals sent before sunrise by Karlie, a beautiful card and a clean kitchen from Katie, chocolate kisses from Chloe. Dinner out with Ronnie ... and built in babysitters :) We are living NOW and that is a great gift. And right now ... love is in the air! Happy Valentine's Day!


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