Here are Some Must-Haves That Patients With Cancer Bring With Them on Treatment Days


On social media, CURE® recently asked its readers to share what must-haves they bring with them on days they receive treatment for cancer.

Each week on FacebookTwitter and InstagramCURE® asks its readers to share their thoughts with a #CureConnect discussion question.

This past week, we asked: “What must-haves do you bring with you on treatment days?”

Here’s what some of our readers shared:

  • “Music, a drawing pad and pastels to doodle — as well as fuzzy socks and a hat. But most importantly, my chemo buddies Janine and Sandie who kept me company, took me on virtual hikes, watched movies, made me laugh and were quietly there when I dozed off or needed to be quiet.” – T.K.
  • “I have a bag that stays packed for treatment or for those occasional trips to the hospital. I was gifted a blanket during my first chemo run and it always comes with me.” – S.S-D.
  • “I find it helpful just to talk with the other people in my treatment quad. A lot of people find it helpful to talk with a fellow patient. With my treatment, I get a lot of Benadryl which also makes me sleep.” – J.B.
  • “I came prepared with books, a rosary and wordsearch. As soon as they hooked me up though, I fell asleep. After the second time, I just took myself and some money. After I woke up and finished treatment, I would just go downstairs, buy a coffee and a burrito to go home. The chemo ward provided a kindle, snacks and iPads.” – A.G.
  • “I (bring) a backpack with a tablet, phone charger, snacks and other things.” – C.V.D.
  • “I have a bag that stays packed. In it are puzzle books, a good novel, my phone, a little notebook that keeps track of my nurses and any notes I’ve taken for that day, an iPad (sometimes) and a blanket chosen from the several that were gifted to me.” – B.G.
  • “I have a fleece blanket with pink and red hearts on it that my Sunday school class gave me after praying over it when I started treatment five years ago. It goes with me every time since it's always cold in the infusion room. (I also bring a) book, snacks and tea.” – K.I.
  • “My own pillow, a small blanket, my phone charger and a piece of paper with my name on it in big letters (so if I nod off, they know who I am).” – P.L.

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