HGTV Star Hilary Farr Shares Breast Cancer Journey, ‘Pistol Annies’ Singer Finishes Treatment and More


From the story of HGTV’s “Love it or List it” co-host Hilary Farr’s cancer journey to “Pistol Annies” singer Ashley Monroe ringing the bell after finishing cancer treatment, here’s what’s happening in the cancer landscape this week.

HGTV star Hilary Farr publicly discussed breast cancer diagnosis for the first time.

Hilary Farr, known for HGTV’s “Love it or List it,” recently shared her cancer journey for the first time.

In an interview with People, she explained that her doctors found a suspicious lump when she had a routine mammogram done in 2012, which prompted surgery and lab results that confirmed a precancerous tumor.

While initially relieved, she found out two years later through another mammogram that she had invasive breast cancer — which is when the tumor spreads into surrounding breast tissue. She had another lumpectomy, again thinking the ordeal was over.

Unfortunately, after two months, she found out that her course of treatment should have included radiation — but didn’t — and filed a complaint against her oncologist.

"I felt absolute fury that someone could be so flippantly wrong," she said. "I could have been dead."

Doctors found another lump seven months after she began radiation, but the tumor was precancerous, and she is now in remission.

"Fear of breast cancer stops a lot of women from getting checked. But as terrifying as it is, you face it," she said."Thinking that you should keep it a secret or just power through doesn't help and it doesn't heal. If I can change that for one person, then that's enough."

A child cancer survivor won a trip to Disney World.

Mack Porter, a three-year-old cancer survivor, received a trip to Disney World after friends, family, neighbors, strangers and local businesses in Mesa, Arizona, raised money through a campaign for him.

Porter had initially undergone cancer treatment after doctors found a large tumor in his chest during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re coming up on a year since his symptoms first started,” Mack’s mom, Dani, told ABC 15.

Mack dealt with his cancer treatments with a brave face, even though COVID-19 precautions kept his family separated for almost the entire process.

After Campaign One at a Time — a nonprofit — found his story, they were inspired to begin the fundraising to send Mack to Disney World.

“It’s really humbling to see your friends and strangers donating,” Dani said. “I think some of the most humbling ones are like a $5 donation and it’s always with a comment of ‘I wish I could do more,’ but I don’t think they realize how much that means to a mom's heart.”

San Francisco 49ers player Trent Williams shares documentary revealing his rare cancer experience.

Trent Williams, an offensive tackle for the San Francisco 49ers, was diagnosed with a rare skin cancer in 2019 called dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans.

“I went through the shock of getting the diagnosis,” he told KRON4. “The pressure that comes behind knowing you have a rare form of cancer that could potentially cost you your life.”

A documentary chronicling his cancer journey and his Pro Bowl season in 2020 recently became available for streaming. The documentary is called “Silverback: The Trent Williams Story,” and although he is typically a private person, he hopes it will inspire other cancer survivors and current patients.

“Just know that you’re not alone,” Williams said. “As rare as it might be, there are people out here with the same story. It’s never over until it’s over. You just continue to fight, no matter the diagnosis. Nobody has the last say-so but God.”

After Williams successfully kicked cancer to the curb, he signed a six-year contract with the 49ers, making him the highest-paid offensive lineman in history, according to

“Pistol Annies” singer Ashley Monroe finished cancer treatment.

After Ashley Monroe, singer for the band “Pistol Annies,” was diagnosed with the rare blood cancer Waldenström macroglobulinemia this year, she underwent chemotherapy to treat it.

This week, she shared a video on Instagram of her ringing the bell to celebrate completing treatment. In the caption, she wrote, “Ring a ling a ling a ding dong ding. … My last chemo is done! Merry Christmas everyone.”

Monroe also thanked her fans for their prayers and said she is ready for a comeback in 2022.

Many other country music artists offered support on social media.

“Glad to hear this,” Leeann Womack wrote.

“This makes me so happy!” Karen Fairchild, of “Little Big Town,” wrote.

The other two members of “Pistol Annies” are Miranda Lambert and Angaleena Presley, and the band just released a new album for the holidays titled “Hell of a Holiday.”

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