How Do You Overcome the Fear that Comes with Cancer?


On social media, CURE® recently asked its readers to share how they overcome the fear that comes with cancer. Here, we share some of their responses.

Each week on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, CURE® asks its readers to share their thoughts with the #CureConnect discussion question. This past week, we asked: “How do you overcome the fear that comes with cancer?”

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Here’s what our readers shared:

  • “I just learn to live with it. Multiple myeloma has no cure, so I take my daily meds and go on with my life.” — T.C.
  • “It rears its ugly head from time to time. But try to embrace life, not illness and death.” — P.N.
  • “I am a three-time cancer survivor. You just set your mind on dealing with one day at a time. And push through the side effects for yourself and your loved ones.” — T.R.
  • “Educate yourself. Learn all you can about your specific cancer. Thus, you know your enemy and can participate — take power — over decisions. In the power, you find a degree of peace.” — J.B.
  • “I faced it and told it to F-off, excuse my language. Chemo nearly killed me when they upped my dose. I made a promise to myself that even though my body was ill with all I went through I was kicking it mentally. That was my way of handling my fear and still do so.” — A.T.
  • “Many of us continue to look over our shoulders even while being in remission. It could be a scary walk to walk.” — Y.G.
  • “Keeping a happy outlook and never feeling sad. Not letting anyone feel bad. If you are happy, people around you will feel the same. And no crying allowed!” — D.J.
  • “To be honest, I find watching end of life videos or those with terminal illnesses help me see that while death is not something I want, it’s not to be feared because we are all gonna die. And there are so many good people that leave this planet too soon that it comforts me that if I were to leave soon, I’d have company on the other side.” — J.R.
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