How Has an Oncology Nurse Helped You on Your Cancer Journey?


On social media, CURE® recently asked its readers to share how an oncology nurse has helped them on their cancer journey.

Each week on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, CURE® asks its readers to share their thoughts with the #CureConnect discussion question.

This past week, we asked: “How has an oncology nurse helped you on your cancer journey?”

Here’s what our readers shared:

  • “I had chemo in two different areas for two different cancers. Both teams of nurses were awesome. They were always upbeat and positive — which I am sure was hard at times. They were quick to listen, I mean really listen to me with any concerns, fears or just talk. I could not have made it without them.” – S.M.
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  • “(My nurse) was kind, positive and always asked me if I ran two miles before my weekly chemo drip. I loved telling her, ‘Of course.’ She pushed me to never stop exercising. I’m still exercising and enjoying life.” – J.D.
  • “I had quite a few, but one named Sami is the (best). I can direct message (DM) her anytime and she responds no matter what. I love her and her personality is so amazing. She is a true hero to see people like me every day and still have a smile on her face and laugh amid craziness. She and my other nurses at Georgia Cancer Specialists in Canton, Georgia deserve medals.” – A.G.
  • “There are too many to name. They are caring, compassionate and kind. University of Michigan oncology and infusion nurses rock. It takes a special person to be one as each patient’s journey is different. I call them earthly angels.” – D.H.
oncology nurse, cancer, journey, caregiver
  • "All at my center were wonderful. But one was usually my ‘regular.’ She knew and understood my style/personality, and we had a blast. Yes, a blast. I looked forward to chemo day. They are a special breed. I will be forever grateful.” – T-E.A.
  • “I’m a metastatic breast cancer patient. My oncology nurses have become friends. They are always ready and willing to answer my questions and help with problems. They are the most caring and patient people I’ve ever met.” – Y.S.
  • “She knew something wasn't right with me even though my cardiology tests (were) normal. She convinced the oncologist to send me to a cardiologist and we found my heart function was extremely low. We stopped chemo and the cardiologist nursed me back to near normal. That was 14 years ago.” – G.A.
  • “The oncology nurses are what holds everything together. They are the ones who answer your phone call, clear the way to get in for fluids and give the best hugs … back when hugs were allowed.” – M.M-M.
  • “My nurse has become a friend and we meet up for a catch-up chat and coffee; she held my hand during my biopsies, as well. She is a true angel.” – A.T.
  • “Oncology nurses are one of the most important parts of your team when you have cancer. The nurses I have had are immeasurable in their care, compassion and focus to getting you feeling comfortable in a time when things are not right.” – V.M.

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