I'm Not Alone During My Cancer Journey


I thought I would be fighting my battle with lymphoma alone, but my community of fellow cancer fighters stood with me.

Image of the word 'lymphoma' with medical items next to it.

Not Alone

It begins with three words that give me a start
Three simple words that are like a stab in the heart.
You have cancer! The tests all agree.
I would begin treatment immediately
If the decision were just up to me.
So starts the journey, the reality is there
There is no escape, the facts are bare!
Two quick questions — can I cope?
Then the second — is there any hope?
Another question comes — why me?
I know that I have to deal with it — can
I be cancer-free?
The recognition — life has thrown me a curve.
Can I really handle it — do I have the nerve?
I need time to think — to accept the truth.
To give my sagging spirit a healthy boost.
Time to share with my family, to explain how I feel.
To internalize my feelings, to accept for myself,
The situation is real.
So — I share my news — explain my plight.
Family and friends quickly join the fight.
Supporting me at church, in my community and
at home.

This post was written and submitted by Donald Reis. The article reflects the views of Reis and not of CURE®. This is also not supposed to be intended as medical advice.
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