I Was 38 and Things Were Going Great, That is Until I Had a Cancerous Lump


A person living with metastatic breast cancer shares a poem regarding how her life changed in an instant, and how she continues to push forward even though her disease is extensive.

I was only aged 38.

I thought my life was going just great.

Until one day I found a lump,

A hard, round cancerous bump.

Which led to hospital beds

And way too many meds.

My life became countless pills

And endless bills.

As the chemo slowly drips,

I have my moment to come to grips,

With the new reality I am facing,

The future for which I am now embracing.

No lashes, no brows, no hair,

Thanks, chemo, now I’m bare.

Nothing makeup or wigs can’t hide,

Only you know yourself inside.

I will not let appointments and IV poles

Interfere with my life’s goals.

I am moving ahead.

I refuse to spend my days in bed.

I will not mope,

For I have hope,

To live another day and to continue to keep my cancer at bay.

Writing to get these words off my chest,

As I rid this tumor from my breast.

I’m in a place of healing,

not concealing.

Hearing of tumors tends to spread rumors.

All my sharing

appears to help with how I’m faring,

From the pain that I have felt

with the cards I’ve been dealt.

They say you don’t look sick,

as the cancer clock continues to tick.

Slash, poison, burn. Treat, scan, repeat.

I will not give in to defeat.

It’s spread to my liver, my lung,

For me, no bell will ever be rung.

Treatment for life,

Living with a disease that is rife.

Although my scarring

May be marring,

I’m still here.

I’ve survived another year.

We need a cure,

That's one thing I know for sure.

All the lives lost,

It must be stopped at all costs.

My outlook continues to remain bright,

What other choice do I have but to finish this fight.

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