Interested in attending the lung cancer advocacy summit?


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A great opportunity to raise awareness and advocacy for lung cancer is in our own backyard - at least for the CURE staff. I hope the distance doesn't hold you back because if you're interested in lung cancer advocacy, Dallas is the place to be Sept. 19-22. The Annual Lung Cancer Advocacy Summit, which is in its sixth year, will feature three days of training led by grassroots advocacy experts from the National Lung Cancer Partnership. The event is limited to only 75 people, and there is an application process. (Hope you practiced your essay-writing skills during the Healer Award essay contest, because you'll need to write one for the Summit application.) The agenda is pretty packed. Training sessions include organizing fundraising initiatives, educating your community, reducing the stigma of disease (this is a biggie for me) and contributing to the scientific research process. That last one is equally important because advocates drive awareness, which drives funds, which drives research. This can equal big gains in the lung cancer community.Participates will also have the chance to receive a tour of UT Southwestern's lung cancer research laboratories. You can view the entire agenda here.The deadline for applications is June 4 (download the application here). There are scholarships available for transportation, but most meals and a shared hotel room is included for all participants.Would you be interested in attending?

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