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CUREWinter 2007
Volume 6
Issue 6

Gilda’s Club offerings and history.

Gilda's Club was founded to provide a meeting place in a homelike setting where people with cancer and their family and friends could find social and emotional support free of charge. The clubs offer cancer-specific networking groups for the newly diagnosed and those in treatment; issue-oriented support groups; seminars; lectures; workshops; social events; and classes in everything from journaling and yoga to cooking and art. Every Gilda's Club has a Noogieland for children with cancer and for children of a parent with cancer.

Survivors are welcome to use any aspect of the program, but certain parts, such as the ph&d program, are geared toward their needs. Membership categories for ph&d include cancer survivors who are post-treatment (typically one or more years), family and friends of cancer survivors, bereaved family and friends, club volunteers who are survivors, and cancer survivors' children. Find clubs at

Editors' Note: Gilda's Club joined forces with The Wellness Community to form the Cancer Support Community in December 2009. Read more about this joint venture in CURE publisher Susan McClure's blog.

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