Katie Couric: Cancer Caregivers May Feel Alone, But You're Not

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The legendary broadcast journalist Katie Couric sat down with CURE® to discuss her advocacy work with Stand Up To Cancer and the “With Love, Me” campaign and why they are so special to her.

After losing both her husband and her sister to cancer, Katie Couric has become a passionate advocate working to increase awareness and improve treatment of the disease.

The legendary broadcast journalist sat down with CURE® to discuss what makes Stand Up To Cancer and Merck’s “With Love, Me” campaign so special and the invaluable resources they provide to the cancer community.

“There’s something that lifts when you are able to connect with somebody who has been in your shoes,” said Couric. “No matter how hard they try, friends and family members who don’t know what it’s like can’t really connect with you in that profound way.”

Couric stresses the importance of developing a network to support you whether it’s you or a loved one battling cancer. “The most important message I would give to (patients with cancer) and to caregivers is that you may feel alone, but you’re not alone,” added Couric.

“There are so many people who have walked this walk or who are walking this walk who you can connect with, who you can learn from, who you can share with, who you can vent to.”