KidneyCAN Advocates for Federal Kidney Cancer Research Funding: 2022 Budget Includes $50 Million


On March 7-8, KidneyCAN gathered advocates from all over the United States to ask Congress for robust funding for kidney cancer research through the NIH and CDMRP (Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs). Our quest for funding has a singular purpose: to accelerate cures for kidney cancer. We’ve come a long way in the last five years since the advent of the Kidney Cancer Research Program in 2017. During the ten years prior to KCRP approval (2006-16), kidney cancer was a topic area under the Peer Reviewed Cancer/Medical Research Programs and had a limited number of successful grant applications. With the advent of the KCRP in FY17, the total number of kidney cancer grant applications skyrocketed six-fold in one year over previous submissions, confirming the major need and outpouring of interest in kidney cancer research and underscoring the research community’s commitment to finding a cure for this disease. Read on to hear about our goals for this event and how you can help fund lifesaving research by speaking up with us.

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