Letters From Reader

CURESummer 2013
Volume 12
Issue 2

Letters from CURE readers about the Spring 2013 issue.

I am very much in favor of healthy people, cured of cancer, being able to donate blood ["The Gift of Life"]. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the end of 2002, completing radiation therapy in May 2003. Five years later, I was permitted to resume my blood donations. At the time of my cancer diagnosis, I'd been a longtime platelet donor (via apheresis). I've resumed those donations. I'm now able to fit donations into my schedule every four to five weeks. I've made 232 donations, and I'll be donating again next week.

Roy Stehle

Palo Alto, Calif.

I cannot thank you enough for the sarcoma article, "Group Therapy." My husband is four years out from having a large liposarcoma removed from his leg with no signs of metastasis as of yet. When we attempt to go online and find information for this type of sarcoma, there really isn't much. I know sarcomas are rare and not seen frequently, therefore information is geared for the majority over the minority. But when it is your loved one going through this, it helps to be informed.

Vicki Richards

Russell, Kan.

I ordered Dr. Lacouture's [skin care] book cited in your latest magazine ["Bookshelf"] and received it yesterday. It is "gold!" The presentation is well-researched and well-presented with special "Did You Know?" and "Things to Remember" in each chapter. My work with patients encompasses a wide span of ages and diagnoses, not all cancer-related, but I can easily see it being a book I will return to frequently.

Barbara J. Middleton, RN

St. Louis

I found myself somewhat frustrated with the tone of most of the articles in the Special Report on Medication Adherence. I would be considered someone who is nonadherent. […] Quality of life has to be considered, and doctors need to work with patients and evaluate their entire care and well-being. Unfortunately, not all of them do. I was fortunate to find physicians who took the time to evaluate me as an individual and to treat me as such. As patients, we have the right to be truly heard and treated with respect.

Dawn Paulin

Cadillac, Mich.

Thank you for the free copies of CURE and the 7th Annual Cancer Guide for the Newly Diagnosed for our Celebrate Food & Life! event. As a patient, survivor and reader of CURE, I’ve come to rely on the information and stories contained in the publication to further educate myself and provide hope as I move further into my post-cancer days. The copies you sent were well-received by our guests, and I hope they soon learn the value of CURE.

Jeff Husney

Olmsted Township, Ohio