Like a Vessel

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A breast cancer survivor writes a poem about feeling adrift after treatment.

After going through breast cancer treatment, I felt quite adrift. My life had changed dramatically, I had PTSD, and wasn’t sure how to move forward. I submitted this poem because I’m sure others who have taken the same journey feel this way, and I wanted to let them know that if we just take one step at a time and start from there, wherever we are, we can make it to the other side of survivorship.


Like a vessel set adrift

Into the unknown sea,

So too, I cannot plot a course

To chart where I should be.

So, I will simply set my sails

Into the wind so fair,

And let it take me where it will,

And I will start from there.

This poem was originally submitted for the CURE® 2021 Poetry Contest. Submissions are open until August 15 and poems can be submitted here.

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