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Living Well With and After Cancer

HealSpring 2015
Volume 3
Issue 1

We hope that Heal will be a place where you draw strength from knowing that you are not alone.

Mike Hennessy, Chairman and CEO

Mike Hennessy, Chairman and CEO

Mike Hennessy, Chairman and CEO

ONE OF THE MANY THINGS that excited us whenour company acquired CURE magazine last yearwas the opportunity to revive one of the group'ssignature publications, Heal magazine. The goalof this quarterly publication is to be a forum wherethose who have been touched by cancer can sharetheir perspectives and provide hope and inspirationto others on this same journey.

In this first issue, you will hear the voices ofpeople like you who are regular contributors toCureToday.com. These individuals share insightsfrom their own experiences navigating a cancerdiagnosis and its aftermath and offer practicalsuggestions to help you navigate life during, andafter, the "game-changer" that is cancer.

You will also find inspiring stories from thosewho have survived and thrived after cancer, includingour cover story by a long-standing friend toCURE, Kathy LaTour, a woman who exemplifies theempowered survivor yet understands all too wellthe many challenges survivors face.

As Heal evolves and grows, we want to hearfrom you about what challenges you face and howyou are meeting them. We hope that Heal will bea place where you draw strength from knowingthat you are not alone, a place where thoughtsand emotions are freely expressed, and — most ofall — a place where the exchange of insights andperspectives from your compatriots in the cancercommunity will help you to truly heal.