Lo loses, SHARE wins


I was sad to see Anita Lo eliminated last week from Bravo's "Top Chef Masters."I have enjoyed watching Lo, chef-owner of Annisa restaurant, as she weaved her culinary genius around amazing dishes that blend her background in French cooking with flavors from around the world. For those of you who aren't familiar with the show, "Top Chef Masters" is a competition between prominent international chefs with the winners receiving donations to their favorite charities.The good news is that Lo still banked some funds for her charity of choice, SHARE, along the way. Even though the grand finale has a $100,000 prize for the winner's charity of choice, each previous show was an individual competition with $10,000 going to the winner's charity, and Lo won a couple of those. SHARE is a wonderful organization in our cancer community that provides a support network for women with breast or ovarian cancer. Besides offering an array of support programs and educational services, SHARE also accomplishes its mission with toll-free hotlines (866-891-2392 for breast, 866-537-4273 for ovarian) where survivors of breast and ovarian cancer answer questions, listen to concerns, and share their stories. It also has a dedicated hotline for Spanish speakers (212-719-4454) and has resources in 12 other languages. This is such a valuable resource for patients who want to talk to someone who has been through what they are facing.So even though I'll miss Lo's amazing dishes and techniques (on one show she created the "illusion" of a scallop from a diakon radish filled with tartare, wow!), I'm still happy to know that SHARE is getting some help to continue their mission of supporting women with breast and ovarian cancer.

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