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Today, the breast cancer talk wasn't of Komen or Planned Parenthood or pink handguns.Feb. 6 was the day that Rachel Moro and Susan Niebur, breast cancer survivors in every sense of the word, died. Rachel had been living with metastatic breast cancer and blogged at The Cancer Culture Chronicles as @ccchronicles. Her profile statement is especially meaningful today: "It's time to move beyond pink ribbons and messages of "breast cancer awareness," and start agitating for real and meaningful action in the fight to eradicate this disease for good."Susan had lived with inflammatory breast cancer, her fourth bout with cancer. Both were prominent bloggers. Rachel's death was sudden. Susan had been sick for a while. Both chronicling their journey and supporting others in their online communities of women dealing with breast cancer, either as newly diagnosed, survivors or those living with metastases. As I was reading reactions of others on Twitter about their deaths, a colleague noted that Susan had been interviewed for a story in the Spring issue--one that focused on how to help children cope with a parent's diagnosis. This was a perfect fit for Susan, who blogged under the name @WhyMommy at Toddler Planet: The joy of life after cancer. My hope is that the article will be just one more piece of a lasting legacy of helping others cope with this horrible disease.Susan's family noted her passing on her blog today and wrote: "In lieu of flowers, please consider furthering Susan's legacy through a contribution to the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Or please choose to make a difference somewhere, anywhere, to anyone."Make a difference. These women did. Unfortunately, sadly, there will be other women who will fill the void left by Rachel and Susan...women with cancer, or those who will be diagnosed, who will become a voice for others to draw strength and inspiration from. We need them. Just like we need Rachel and Susan. Those wanting to remember Rachel and Susan tonight can join the #bcsm Twitter chat tonight at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT.

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