Move over, Lance!


Lindsay Ray, a graduate student at the University of Missouri School of Journalism, is an editorial summer intern for CURE.Lance Armstrong is the most famous cyclist to raise awareness about cancer. The seven-time Tour de France champion just placed third in his eighth appearance at the race. But Armstrong isn't the only one to use the power of cycling to raise awareness for cancer. Craig Broeder has picked up his bicycle and turned his love of cycling into a worthy cause--celebrating his wife's 20th year of survival from ovarian cancer.Kay Broeder was diagnosed March 15, 1989 while Craig was working on his doctorate at the University of Texas at Austin. Craig is now the director of the clinical exercise physiology program at Benedictine University in Illinois where the Broeders reside. As Kay approached the 20th anniversary of her diagnosis, Craig decided he wanted to do something special to celebrate--a 9,000-mile trek around the perimeter of the United States in just 100 days. On his website he writes, "All my life, I have loved challenges that take me beyond what I cannot easily image doing. I like the challenge of seeking a finish line that is beyond my grasp!" However, Craig's finish line is fast approaching. He plans to finish his journey on August 25, his and Kay's 25th wedding anniversary.Craig began the grueling process of training and planning for the trip about a year in advance. On May 15, Craig left Austin, Texas and began his trip around the country. As of July 30, he's logged over 6,500 miles and is currently on the East Coast headed south. The Broeders blog about the journey (Kay is following in a support car) on their website and frequently provide updates via their twitter account ( On his website, Craig says of his trip: "But whatever I face on this journey, it is nothing compared to what every cancer patient faces when they are diagnosed and doctors tell them about the challenges of chemo, radiation, surgery, loss of life quality, loss of jobs, family challenges, and the potential of a complete loss of life. In comparison, this ride is cakewalk."In addition, the Broeders hope to get a million people to donate $1 each to the Craig and Kay Broeder Preventive Health Female Cancer Foundation for preventive education, exercise, nutrition, and ovarian cancer research. But the Broeders aren't the only ones who have turned a love of cycling into a worthy cause. Also check out Cyclists Combating Cancer, a group of cancer survivors who share their cancer experiences and passion for cycling.

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