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My Care Team Got My Through My Breast Cancer Experience


Thanks to an amazing care team, I got through my breast cancer with little worry.

I had stage 2 breast cancer, went through lumpectomy, chemo and radiation.Everyone asked me how I stayed so positive through all the months of treatment.

First, I had a fantasticoncologist, breast surgeon and radiation staff.I knew I could count on them to be there and to listen to me and guide me where to go, what to do and what I may expect.

I always felt that it’s very important to feel confident with the team caring for me. If I didn’t, then I’d have to look elsewhere.

My oncologist,Dr. HeatherYeckes-Rodin,had me come in the day after chemo treatment for hydration treatments to keep me from getting sick, and it really made a difference. She was honest and told me how things were;there was no candy coating. I knew where I stood and what to expect, both good and bad. My chemo treatments with hydration kept me from getting sick. I thought chemo was much easier than radiation.

My breast health navigator, Mary Smith, was outstanding. She was always with a positive note, calling and checking up on me throughout and after. She still stays in touch, as I just hit my five-yearmark on Dec. 30.

My surgeon, Dr. Craig Wengler was sent by God. He did the biopsy and wasted no time in getting me lined up for the breast MRI, PET scan, meeting with oncologist and radiologist and setting up my lumpectomy.He did think I may not need the oncologist but wanted me to meet with her just in case. My PET scan did not show any cancer in the lymph nodes but once he got in there,three of the five were cancerous.

The radiation staff were very nice and got me right in for your appointment.

My husband was my nurse and caretaker, keeping a schedule with all my drugs, making sure I took them on time. He also made sure that I was eating well and got me to all appointments on timewith my little travel bag with things I may need.

And last was my faith in God.The funny thing was, when Dr. Wengler told me I had cancer, I did not get scared or worried. I put my life in God’s hands and knew he had a plan for me. I let God in my heart and prayed. I know I would not have had a positive journey without my faith.

This post was written and submitted by Gloria Howard. The article reflects the views of Gloria Howard and not of CURE®. This is also not supposed to be intended as medical advice.

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