My Plan to Help Fellow Cancer Survivors in 2022


A cancer survivor pens a poem about his New Year’s resolutions to help other survivors through obstacles in 2022.

No huge New Year’s resolutions

from an imperfect me,

but the least I can do

is help other survivors through.

Well, let’s see…

First, I’ll be an encourager

for regular screenings

in this time of the virus,

the better for all of us.

I’ll mask up everywhere

and kindness will spread.

We need that now

to get ahead.

When a friend is waiting anxiously

for a scan not yet read,

I’ll utter soothing words

to counter the dread.

Waiting is painful

for he and for she,

I’ll simply tell them

I am here for thee.

Third and most importantly,

I’ll thank all the caregivers

for their unflagging devotion

tending to all of our ills,

physical and emotional.

For they are the key

to our peace of mind

God knows we need it, too,

as we coast into ’22.

Happy New Year!

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