NBC Meteorologist Bob Nunnally Takes Time Off for Cancer Treatment, Mary J. Blige Stars in Super Bowl Ad to Encourage Cancer Screenings, And More


From NBC4 meteorologist Bob Nunnally’s break for cancer treatments to Mary J. Blige’s Super Bowl commercial encouraging others to undergo cancer screenings, here’s what’s happening in the cancer landscape this week.

Meteorologist Bob Nunnally took time off the air to undergo cancer treatments.

Bob Nunnally, a meteorologist for NBC4, has received support from the network and community after he had to take time away from the show to undergo cancer treatments.

This week, NBC “Today” anchor Al Roker — who received a cancer diagnosis in November 2020 — shared his support for Nunnally on the show.

“We want to take a moment to send our thoughts and prayers to an extended member of our NBC family,” Roker said. “Bob Nunnally, a beloved meteorologist at our Columbus, Ohio, affiliate, WCMH, for nearly 25 years is taking time away from his weekday morning duties to battle cancer.”

Nunnally announced his break from being on air last month.

“I will tell you all that I have cancer and am going to be dealing with that in a pretty big way over the next, hopefully, month or so,” Bob said to NBC4 Today anchors Matt Barnes and Monica Day. “I’m not exactly sure how long the treatment is going to last. But I do have to have chemo to help fight this, and it looks good. My doctors say it looks good for me.”

He also expressed his appreciation for the overwhelming amount of support he has received in the time since.

Kathy Griffin celebrated remaining cancer-free in an unconventional way.

In a post shared on Twitter, comedian Kathy Griffin shared that her six-month lung cancer scan came up clear, revealing that she is still in remission from the disease.

To celebrate, she went skinny dipping. “No more cancer,” she wrote. “And yes, I’m skinny dipping… So what?”

The post comes shortly after Griffin announced being cancer-free on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” in December. She explained that she underwent surgery to remove half of her young.

She also spoke openly about the fact that she has never smoked, and that the stigma needs to be addressed.

Griffin’s tweet received an outpouring of support from fans and others in the entertainment industry.

“Shake em’ to your triumphant self,” wrote E. Jean Carroll.

Mary J. Blige starred in a Super Bowl ad to encourage cancer screenings.

Singer Mary J. Blige, who performed during the halftime show at Super Bowl 56, also took the time to participate in an advertisement which played during the game, to encourage women to understand the importance of regular cancer screenings.

“I’m a strong believer that a woman’s health is her wealth, and I’m proud to participate in this important campaign that puts that message front and center on the world’s biggest stage,” Blige said in a statement. “I want women everywhere to know that real love means putting yourself first and prioritizing your annual screenings.”

The campaign was done with Hologic, using a women-led team. Hologic’s platform works by helping users set up appointments and access resources to encourage the regular check-ups.

In the emotional ad, Blige is shown carrying out her regular activities, with the screen switching to a shot of her at the doctor’s office, appearing extremely relieved after hearing that her scans were clear. “See you next year,” she echoes to the doctor. The commercial emphasizes that Blige still makes time for her regular exams despite a busy schedule.

“Making your health a priority is real love,” Blige narrated in the ad.

According to People, the campaign was especially important to her, given that she has lost several female family members to cancer over the years.

“Being an example moves people better than just talking about it. That's why it's really important for people to see what you're doing, instead of just you talking about it,” she said.

A Wisconsin deputy had a cancer survivor’s car repaired so that she could get to treatment.

Ouida Parish, a two-time cancer survivor, created an immediate bond with deputy Kristine Rodriguez during a Valentine’s Day party at a senior center in Milwaukee.

After Parish explained to Rodriguez that her car was currently needing repair, leaving her unable to drive to important appointments and pick up medication, Rodriguez felt compelled to help her.

“I felt like I needed to do something,” she told FOX 6.

Rodriguez decided to take Parish’s car into the shop for repairs, getting her new tires, a catalytic converted and engine mount. The entire process was paid for so that Parish did not have to expense it.

"I never imagined this to happen. I was just telling, just talking to them, and she reached out and made my day," Parish said. “It means more than anyone could imagine.”

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