New Issue Alert: CURE Winter 2020


Here’s a look at what’s inside our 2020 Winter issue.

Here’s a look at what’s inside our 2020 Winter issue:

Despite what you may think, personal health information isn’t truly private. Our cover story explores how medical practices are handling your data. We provide Full Disclosure and strategies to help protect your privacy.

Next, cancer and psychological concerns go hand in hand. But did you know that cancer itself can lead to the release of molecules that cause depressive symptoms before the disease is even discovered? We’re shedding light on the Dark Days with the signs to watch for.

And, can a brisk walk each day keep cancer away? A study of more than 750,000 adults who had no cancer history and exercised a few hours a week had a lower risk of developing Kidney Cancer and six other malignancies. We share the rest of these findings within the pages of CURE.

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