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Although I've worked with CURE for a few years, this was my first opportunity to actually attend our Extraordinary Healer award event. I've always heard that this event is special, but there's a difference between knowing an event is special and actually being there to experience that special moment. No words can quite capture the feeling that was in the room. And I'm rarely at a loss for what to say--words are kind of my job. But I can try to capture some small amount of what happened this evening.It was moving to listen to honorary mistress of ceremonies Marlee Maitlin describe the many obstacles she's had to overcome to achieve her dreams of being an actress and the people who helped to shape who she is along the way. As she so thoughtfully pointed out, oncology nurses often serve as the people who help shape cancer patients lives--they help to heal, but also help patients find their own gifts and overcome challenges both personal and medical.And while I had read the nominating essays, it was different to actually hear these words from the patients themselves. To stare into the nurses' appreciative faces. But mostly what made it special was that it was a shared experience. There were people to share in the laughter and the tears, people who know all about the circumstances being described.So thank you to all the oncology nurses who were able to share this experience with us. And thanks to all the oncology nurses and patients and families who have shared so much of themselves and their experiences with us over the years.

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