Oncology Nurses Always Provide a Job Well Done


No matter the challenge, oncology nurses look to help you out.

Nicole Heston, RN, is a very caring and compassionate nurse. She goes the extra mile to make sure her patients are taken care of and comfortable. She makes an extra effort to acknowledge their arrival and departure from the cancer center and takes the time to fully and completely answer their questions, whether big or small. She makes the patients feel comfortable asking what others might consider small and insignificant. She never makes the patient feel unimportant or uneducated.

Beyond this, Nicole helps the patient, caregiver and family find hope in their cancer experience. She is able to allow the patient and family to express both joy and pain during the cancer experience. Nicole is always open and honest in her patient encounters, providing support and direction; she redirects the patient and family when they are becoming misguided or unrealistic about the expectations of treatment. Furthermore, she helps the patient to tolerate and live with treatment side effects and expected outcomes.

Nicole maintains a working knowledge of treatment, both oral and infusion. She provides the same compassion and enthusiasm for her co-workers that she offers her patients. As a result, she is liked and respected by physicians, nurses, support staff and administration. Everyone knows she will perform her job with confidence and enthusiasm. She can be counted on for a job well done every day.

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